About Facto EST. 1987
The Facto Lifestyle is an online store where you can find high-quality trending products. 

Our mission is offer our customers the opportunity to define themselves through our exclusive selection of avant-garde clothing, eye ware, accessories, and lifestyle services. We encourage self-reflection, exploration of the ‘possible,’ and having the courage to step beyond the norm.

Derived from the Latin expression ‘de facto’ (meaning ‘in fact’ or ‘in reality’) FACTO Est. 1987 champions ‘art through fashion,’ ‘innovation through design,’ cultural awareness, entrepreneurism, and lifestyles marked by confidence, poise, and a splash of swagger. 


We envision that our brand will become recognized worldwide; that our customers will embrace the concept of authenticity and self-actualization; that the entrepreneurial spirit will thrive; and that we will serve as the benchmark by which others in the industry measure their success.


Creativity – Our designers are talented, experienced, and highly creative. They do not hesitate to think ‘outside of the box.’ They are the trendsetters in the industry and are consistently forward-thinking in their concepts.

Cultural Awareness – We respect cultural identity, celebrate diversity, and are committed to paying tribute to the legacy of our forefathers as we move forward with new products and services.

Entrepreneurism – Although our all-inclusive lifestyle products and services are suitable for everyone, we especially focus on filling the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners so that they can be mutually supportive as a self-sufficient community with the capability to live their dreams, travel, network, further their education, and book or exchange services through our mobile app’s functionality.

Affordability – Our products and services are high-value and affordable so that our target customers will not be excluded because of high price points.

Service Excellence – We work with integrity and a strong commitment to service excellence. We can be trusted; our processes are seamless and transparent; and we have a ‘100% satisfaction-guaranteed’ policy in place.

Who We Are?
We are a team of individuals passionate about offering best products to our customers. By utilizing our industry experience, we’re able to secure the best products  available. 

What We Offer?
Our online store is full of the latest sunglasses, gadgets , t shirts and many more on the market. From beauty products to gadgets, we have all the best trending in retail. Our products are shipped from a worldwide distribution center right to your doorstep. 
Why Choose Us?
First and foremost, shop with us if you prefer superior customer service. Everything in our selection is brand new, and hard to find anywhere else. We strive for fast response times and 100% satisfaction when you choose us. 
Get the trendy gear you want by shopping with us today.